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As Asia's biggest network of CAD training centers, CADD Centre Training Services is thetraining arm of the 30-year-old CADD Centre Group, head quartered at Chennai, India.  CADD Centre Thrissur has been a pioneer in the field of Computer-Aided Design and Drafting education since 2000. we have grown today as Asia's biggest network of skill training provider in Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), and Project Management. We offer NSDC Central Govt. & Skill India Approved skill based courses which would give you an immediate job placement post completion of the course. Let's have a meeting at our premises and select a next level career option for you.

CADD Centre's Curriculum and Product Development (CPD) team strives to deliver the best courseware for the students. From beginner to advanced levels, every resource reflects highest clarity & standard.

The Internal Training Academy (ITA) brings together certified instructors who monitor the quality of training programs regularly. As only ITA certified instructors are allowed to lead a classroom, the CADD team delivers nothing but the standardized training across the world.


The pursuit of quality and excellence has always been the hallmark of CADD Centre which now has gone past 30 years and counting

CADD Centre Thrissur
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Creating Realistic Interiors with AutoCAD.
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MEP engineering's scope By 2024
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Revit for Architects
Revit for Architects
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Civil CAD in Thrissur
Civil CAD in Thrissur
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