Master Certificate in Product Design

Master Certificate in Product Design

Master Certificate in Product Design

Master Certificate in Product Design Training & Certification Course

The fundamental goal of the Master Certificate program in product design is to train mechanical engineers in developing innovative and efficient products that meet the needs of consumers. Mastering specialised CAD tools is inevitable as it enables engineers not only to design but also to test the performance of their product ideas under various conditions, thus reducing the time and cost of product development. This course trains mechanical engineers and product heads to use industry-specific CAD tools to turn their ideas into reality with precision and efficiency.

Scope of Course
The Master Certificate program trains students in an extensive range of tools and capabilities offered by some of the widely used CAD programs in the mechanical engineering industry. The focus of the training is in creating:
Engineering drawings
Complex 3D models of mechanical components, assemblies
Simulation of mechanical motion
Assembly instructions and
Bill of materials.

Students will also be trained to identify and resolve potential issues, and optimize the design for efficient production, making this Master Certificate course indispensable for mechanical engineers and designers.

Career Prospects / Job Roles
Mechanical engineering is a highly versatile field with numerous career opportunities across various industries such as aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, energy, robotics, and biomedical engineering. The demand for engineers trained and certified in leading CAD products such as AutoCAD, Solidworks is steadily growing in the areas of:

As they lead to time & cost savings and produce innovations, the CAD skills are highly valued in the industry. With the revival in global demand for mechanical products and the emergence of new age mechanical engineering industries, the demand for mechanical engineers with mastery in CAD software is projected to grow in the coming years.
Design Engineer
CAD Designer
Design Engineer - New Product Development
Process Design Engineer
Sr. Mechanical Design Engineer

Ideal For
The courses are most suitable for:
Mechanical engineering students / professionals
Product design students / professionals
Aspiring industrial designers and product innovators