Revit Structure

Revit Structure

Revit Structure

Revit Structure Training

Revit structure is for structural engineers and engineering companies. It helps them to create detailed structural designs, workflows, schedules, documentation and structural analysis as it is BIM software. It is widely used to create a unified model that all disciplines and trades can use to complete their work.

Scope of Course
The course enables students to leverage advanced tools and key features of Revit Structure to create parametric components (Beams, Columns, Slabs and foundations).Training covers the following key topics:

Analytical levels
Modeling - Beams, Columns, Slabs
Boundary conditions, placing loads.
Analytical model
Family creation

Career Prospects / Job Roles
The ease of making changes inspired the name Revit, a contraction of Revise-Instantly. Revit is widely used for the modeling and documentation of civil construction projects. Today it is a prerequisite for any professional who wishes to work in structural engineering, and interior design. Anybody with a knowledge of Revit Structure can get a job easily as:

BIM Modeler
Revit Technician -Structures
Revit Designer
Revit Structures Lead Designer (BIM)

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Ideal For
Students pursuing or completed Civil Engineering
Students of diploma certificate courses in these disciplines
Anybody interested to get an entry into the world of modeling of structures