Expert Certificate in Architectural Design

Expert Certificate in Architectural Design

Expert Certificate in Architectural Design

Expert Certificate in Architectural Design Training

Our expert certificate course in architectural design focuses on creating detailed plans and blueprints for buildings and civil structures. With a special emphasis on cutting-edge Building Information Modeling (BIM), the program trains on architectural efficiency. Students will gain expertise in conceptualization, design development, and construction documentation, while receiving comprehensive training in CAD tools for sketching, detailed drawings, plans, models, and specifications.

Scope of Course
The Expert Certificate program trains students in a comprehensive set of design tools in popular CAD tools such as AutoCAD, Revit Architecture, and 3ds Max to help them create and manipulate building components, spaces, and systems in a 3D environment using BIM methodology. The key areas of training offered in the certificate programs are:

Module 1
Module 2
Module 3

Career Prospects / Job Roles
Architectural designers create designs and technical drawings for buildings. Completing an Expert certificate program and mastering software like Revit, 3dsMax, and AutoCAD opens career paths in architecture and civil engineering with job titles that include

Design Engineer
Interior Supervisor
Interior designer
3D Visualizer
3D Designer & Modeller

Value Extravaganza
Complimentary Employability Skill Development program

Unlock the Secrets of Innovation at Tech Talk

Win cash prizes for your outstanding projects

Enjoy the assurance of guaranteed 3 job interviews

Ideal For
The course is most suitable for:
Architecture students
Civil engineers
Construction professionals
Facilities managers