Proficient in Python for Professionals

Proficient in Python for Professionals

Proficient in Python for Professionals

Proficient in Python for Professionals Training


Python is a high-level programming language that is used for a variety of applications such as web development, scientific computing, data analysis, and artificial intelligence. It employs efficient high-level data structures and approach to object-oriented programming. Because of its simple and easy-to-read syntax, the programming language is favoured by both novice and experienced programmers.

Scope of Course
Proficient in Python for Professionals is a 30-hour programme that teaches students advanced concepts and practical applications of the Python programming language through instructor-led training, real-world projects, and expert mentor support.

The course also consists of a preparatory module to lay a strong foundation to the Python fundamentals.

Preparatory Program (Complimentary 3 hours program)

It imparts basic understanding of programming. The topics covered include:
Introduction to software applications
System overview
Requirement gathering
Design & Development
Testing & deployment
Industry applications of Python
Program Highlights
Program Highlights
Advanced data structures
Advanced Regular expressions
Advanced functions (e.g. ITERTOOLS, Collections)
Standard libraries
Testing with Pytest

Career Prospects / Job Roles
Python remains among the most sought after programming languages for years. Most tech and software companies prefer Python for its unparalleled technical features such as robust standard library, portability, and object-oriented structure - besides it is a free and open source programming language. Python programmers are hired as:
Web App Developers
Selenium Testers
Big Data Developers and Analysts
Web Service Builders
Networking Experts
Software Engineers
Research Analysts
Data Scientists
Course Combination
Course Combination
Explore our certification courses that teach the software in different combinations under the following course categories:

Ideal For
Job seekers looking to add Python to their skill set
Developers looking to improve their Python skills
Students interested in pursuing a career in software development
Data scientists and analysts looking to use Python in their work
Anyone interested in using Python for automating tasks or building software applications
Students of engineering and computer science